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Face Masks - UPDATED



UPDATE: I've had a few conversations. many messages from customers and a lot of thoughts about how to best get masks out to people. The long and short of it is that I'm now making and selling face masks.

The reasons why I decided to sell them:

- I've had many, many people ask if they could buy additional masks. Rather than insisting folks make multiple purchases, this allows me to get more masks to people.

- The cost of mask making supplies keeps going up. The $12 I am charging for each mask pays for the supplies and some of the time that goes into making two masks. With every masks sold, I will be donating a mask to a charity or first responder.

- Truthfully, the demand for masks has been overwhelming, to the point where I was making masks for hours every day. It was preventing me from doing the things that I need to do to run my business. Charging for masks allows me to recoup some of costs for labor.





- I am giving one face mask away with any order from my website or my Etsy store. 

I made the decision to give them away rather than sell them because:

1) I am still learning how to make them. I bought a sewing machine a while back but only started teaching myself how to use it since we've been in lockdown. 

As you can imagine, the face masks look like they were made by someone who is new to sewing. There are crooked seams and lots of loose threads. They are useable but some of them are a little wonky. Giving them away helps level set expectations.

2) I'm happy to donate the time it takes to make them but there are costs for materials (1/4" elastic is now harder to find than toilet paper!) and shipping. Purchasing something from my website, even if you just buy a $1 button, helps cover those expenses. 

3) I guess I feel a kind of way about trying to profit off of the pandemic. I understand that for many making and selling masks (and mask making supplies) is a way to replace lost income and sales. That makes sense.

I started All Very Goods about 8 months ago. I was on track to finally making pay-the-bills kind of money by April 2020. Obviously, we're all on a different track now. I'm used to not making a lot of money from this which ironically puts me in a better position to be able to give things away.

I hope that makes sense to everyone. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or just want to connect.


ps: Oh and for the record, I have been giving masks away in person as well. Stay safe everyone! 






  • Thank you for the mask! My sister-n-law ordered a beautiful bandana from your website and it came with the mask. I am a fan and excited to order more stuff from your store.

  • Love your collection and your spirit; I’m shopping now….

  • I love you collection, just placed my 1st order and will share with family & friends.
    Your face masks are super cute also !

  • Hello Sis, I totally understand what you mean. I am so proud of your giving and art spirit. We will overcome this. I will be sharing with our sister community about your store.

    Angela Hardiman
  • Such a Beautiful collection and I will be ordering again.

    Denise Holder

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