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Ask for Directions

When I sat down to make this website, I was beyond confident that I knew what I was doing. I told myself that I would just tweak a Shopify theme until it looked like what I wanted. Presto! Awesome website! 

A full month later, I was still spending most of my days working on it.  Everyday, I would look at my website and think that there was something wrong with it; that the colors aren't quite right; that the fonts aren't really working. It was frustrating and humbling.

I started looking up information about website branding and creating a brand identity for beginners. Universally, everyone recommended starting with a mood board.

I really, really didn't want to do one.

I thought it was a waste of time; time that I could be using to tinker with fonts and Shopify themes! I saw mood boards as things you put together out of magazine cuttings and print outs of Instagram wisdom. After tinkering for another week, I gave in and told myself to put a couple of images together and be done with it.

My mood board is up there now with this post.

Look at it! It's amazing!!! It makes me happy every time I look at it.

When I start to feel overwhelmed with design choices, I go back to it and I feel inspired again. It's such a simple thing. I think it took me maybe 30 minutes to put together. All of the images came from my file of random images that I've collected. But it is so me and to me it's so much like how I want the website and eventually my entire brand to feel.

I've done my best to copy that feeling onto my site. Honestly, I still look at my website and see many, many things that I want to change. But, I feel like it has a clear direction and, as I also learned, it gets the job done. That's what really matters right now. At this stage, I've got other, more pressing things to work on.

Lesson learned. When I get stuck, ask (the internet, friends, family, professionals) for directions and then gracefully receive the information.


  • I think you’ve done a good job. You’ve probably put a piece of “you” in there without realizing it.

    Susan Broadhead
  • “Lesson learned. When I get stuck, ask (the internet, friends, family, professionals) for directions and then gracefully receive the information.” No specific order?


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