Bandana - Oak Bluffs

This started as a second Juneteenth design but ended up being more about the timelessness and immutability of Black joy. Researching Juneteenth traditions sent me down a wonderful rabbit hole of photos of segregated beaches like Sag Harbor in NY and Highland Beach in MD. These beaches were created for and by Black people as safe spaces; spaces where we can be ourselves, relax and just enjoy. The photos are absolutely joyous. Even though some of pictures are almost 70 years old, the people, the poses and attitudes reminded me of my trips to the beach with my friends.

It’s called Oak Bluffs because if ‘Black Excellence’ was a brand, Martha’s Vineyard in August would be the corporate headquarters.

- 21" x 21"
- Hand made & screen-printed in the US from US made fabric. Because these are handmade, some imperfections and variations are to be expected.
- Heavyweight fabric
- Pre-washed 100% Cotton
- Limited Edition
- Designed in Washington DC

Bandana care: Hand wash and line dry. Fabric will soften with use and washing