Stardust and Honey

Stardust and Honey

DJ, activist and fashion icon Honey Dijon worked with 10 talented makers from around the globe to co-create a limited edition collection filled with bright, vibrant, and expressive items and giftables inspired by her love of art gallery gift shops and her bold approach to home decor and style.

A glimpse into the mind of a world travelled artist and bon vivant, this exclusive line is a remix of fashion, art, and music, while paying tribute to the disco-era, the excessiveness of the 80s, and celebrates queer culture with vibrant colors.

Honey’s Etsy collection evokes the experience of browsing a high-end gift shop, allowing you the opportunity to take home – or gift! – works of art from creators all over the world.

I worked with Honey to adapt my Stardust bandana into a silk scarf that exemplifies Honey's message and vibe. You can check out both colorways of the scarf and the other AMAZING pieces in the collection here:

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