About All Very Goods

All Very Goods was born in my little studio in Washington DC as a place to sell my designs. I've have an MFA in design and I have been working in retail since I was a teenager. I decided it was finally time to open my own store and let people see what I can do.

All of my designs for All Very Goods start from the belief that representation matters. I use personal illustrations, graphic design, patterns and symbols from Africa, Asia and Europe to create products that are visual metaphors for my African American history and present experience.

I'm based in Washington DC and while I have lived here most of my life, I've also traveled around the world. My bandanas are intended to be a conversation with the wearer about identity, culture and personal mythology. Essentially, how we become who we are because of and in spite of the influences around us. In particular, I am interested in this process for African American women and the push and pull between how we are perceived and considered and how we defy, embrace or evolve those perceptions to create ourselves.

This series of bandana designs uses Adinkra symbols, colors and patterns from Ghanian textiles and Haitian art, Dutch wax print fabrics, and traditional Asian and North American bandana lay-outs. Together they create a cohesive collection that speaks to adaptation, representation, and cultural evolution.

I make a point of using 100% cotton for the bandanas. The scarves are either 100% cotton or 100% silk. All the bags I currently sell are made in the US from 100% cotton canvas. I am developing a line of reusable nylon grocery bags that should be available soon.

While all the products available for sale are my designs,  my goal is to eventually expand and offer products designed, made and produced by Black women, encouraging them to use our  problem solving skills and innovation to create products and support themselves through their own businesses.

Feel free tor reach out with any questions.

All the best,