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Bandana - Lucky You (Love)

Bandana - Lucky You (Love)

All Very Goods

The 'Lucky You' design is all about encouraging Black women to feel solidarity with each other and pride in themselves. 

As Audre Lorde said '[Black] women are powerful and dangerous.' So much of the messaging we receive from society is about control and keeping us in our place. This design is a reminder that Black women are extraordinary, beautiful, brave, intelligent, resourceful and magical. We are lucky to be Black women and those in our orbit are better for having us in their lives.

The bandana is only available to original owners of the 'Lucky You' NFT. You can find the NFT collection on Open Sea. Please do not attempt to purchase the bandana if you do not have the NFT or have not been contacted. Your purchase will be cancelled and refunded.

Once you purchase any version of the NFT, you will be contacted via your contact information on Open Sea. You can find out more by visiting the NFT page on the All Very Goods website.


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